Produced by Dare Dreamer Media
Director/Producer: Ron Dawson

About Dare Dreamer Media

Dare Dreamer Media is a boutique new media marketing and video production agency adept at social media marketing, narrative film production, and corporate communications. Our specialty lies in producing cause-driven and inspirational films.

Production Assistant
Edson London

Imahni, Age 13
Caiya Dunn

Tasra (Imahni’s Mom)
Christine Stark

Judgmental Woman at Car
Deb Harrick

Kathy Jackson

Lady at Restaurant
Mary September

Art Teacher
Joelle Dunn

School Kids
Paola Alvarez Viramontes
McKenna Ash
Joshua Dawson
Owen Leigh
Amari Love
Mateo Love
Emmy Ohleman
Solomon September

“If I Don’t Fit”
Original music and lyrics by
Imahni Dawson
(written at age 16)

Download the song at

Other Songs:

Fog Lake (CC BY)

“Remembering Past Everything”
Pipe Choir (CC BY)

“Bonfire Music”
David Mumford (CC BY)

“Thanks for Coming (Instrumental)”
Josh Woodward (CC BY)

Special Thanks to…

JD Cochran
Yolanda Cochran
Tasra Dawson
Joelle Dunn
Brienne Gilbert
Scott Mauk
Jennifer Neeleman

Edmonds Heights K-12
Rusty Pelican Cafe

Camera equipment supplied by

Post-production software provided by


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