Imahni – Teaser 1

Yesterday I interviewed Imahni for the first episode in the film series. As I predicted, she hit it out of the ballpark. I am so proud of her. Seriously, her commentary, insight, and maturity are remarkable for a 16 year-old. The hard part is going to be narrowing down about 30 minutes of audio into the choicest 7-8 minutes of soundbites. I’m probably going to have to have special features with ancillary bonus episodes. Or maybe have multiple episodes for each individual. Don’t know yet. We’ll see.

Even though technically this is a documentary, I plan to approach it very differently. My hope is to have viewers relate to the subjects on a level that you don’t get from a traditional documentary. So whether you’re white, black, brown, yellow, red, or blue, with each episode you will connect with those in the films on a very deep and personal level.

After the interview I was so jazzed about what I got, I planned to upload part of the audio interview to the blog as a teaser. Then I thought, “Heck. Why don’t I just make an actual teaser?” So I did. Here it is.


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